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Silent Hill

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Silent Hill

I used to love this game.  With its winning combination of survival horror and a twisted plot, I couldn’t get enough of it. Set in the quiet, freaky and fog ridden American town Silent Hill, you control Harry – a desperate father searching for his daughter after a road accident.

Stranded in Silent Hill, it becomes apparent that everything is not what it seems and pretty soon monsters and freaks break through the fog and attack you. Initially armed with just a torch light and a handgun, Harry travels the width of the town visiting various locations, meeting various characters and solving puzzles in abandoned hospitals, schools and empty shops.silenthill

Now, if the abandoned, downbeat and foggy setting were not enough to unsettle you, then the alternative universe that gradually takes over Silent Hill ought to do the trick.  A process that is started by the sound of a distant siren, the world around Harry transforms into a blood drenched hell hole where your standard interior design is replaced by rusty metal cages.

It’s an unnerving experience that still freaks me out a little bit 12 years later.This is ultimately where Silent Hill succeeded – it did a terrific job in creating a tense atmosphere.  From the unusual and enigmatic characters to the disturbing environments and the grotesque monsters, you never knew what was going to happen next. All that you can find in  Silent Hill video game series.

The developers, Team Silent, also did a great job in employing this growing tension as a mechanic in the game.  At the start of the game, Harry finds a radio that transmits a crackling noise whenever a monster is nearby.  When it goes off, it immediately put you on edge as literally had no idea where the attack was going to come from.

silen2As I mentioned earlier, Harry is armed with a torch and a good percentage of the time, this was the only light you’d have.  So you could only see a couple of meters in front of him.  This was also the case during the day, since the fog gives the environment a very claustrophobic feeling.

Drawing it’s influences from the likes of Stephen King, Resident Evil and Jacobs Ladder, Silent Hill in my opinion was a great game and a thrilling experience to play.



Best games to play on your mobile phone

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Best games to play on your mobile phone


As the age of technology progresses, we are finding more and more ways to entertain ourselves. Just 30 years ago if you wanted to have fun you would be depending on other people, but today, there are so many things that allow you to have fun on your own. One of these things are mobile phones.

Mobile phones were primarily made with a sole purpose of calling or texting somebody, but today we’re using these features the least.

The primary use of mobile phones today is basically visiting the web, social media and playing games.

consolesvspcs_3Now that our mobile phones are more powerful than the Apollo 11, we can pretty much do anything we want on them. Gaming was primarily focused on consoles and PC, but today, there are tons of games made just for mobile phone users.

If you want to kill time while traveling long distances or simply want a chilled game to play, this article will reveal a few of the best mobile phone games.

Hitman GO v1.10.2 Full APK-745574First of all we have Hitman Go. This game is great for those of you who are hitman fans. Sure, it’s not action packed like a real game but it captures the spirit of hitman in a way that it lets you solve puzzles and lets you choose the moves on how to kill someone. This game is great because it’s very interactive and it forces you to think, but never so much that you get stuck or need hours to finish. The game is designed to allow you to kill time and it’s hardest puzzle probably won’t take more time than you need to go somewhere via buss.

hqdefaultAnother one is Downwell. Downwell is a kind of game that is simple in its form but quite addictive. If you’ve ever played flappy bird or something similar to it that doesn’t end but simply gives you the high score, you know what I’m talking about. So, you start the game by jumping into the well, you’ve got strapped guns to your boots and you’re killing enemies. The more you kill, the better the score, games gets harder as you go, if you survive long enough you might get some power ups, if you don’t, don’t worry, simply start over.

If you’re however not interested in these kinds of games, there are more laid back games you can play. For example, if you’re fascinated by celebrities, Kim Kardashian released her game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Her game is currently a number one app amongst the free apps, but of course there’s a catch to it. No game is truly free since you can buy content and once you get really addicted to it, you probably will. In order to bypass this problem and not spend money on a game, make it free on your own. There is a Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack you can check out, it will solve all your problems.

Check it out and amaze your friends.

Answering Hungry Shark Evolution focused questions

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Answering Hungry Shark Evolution focused questions

In order to sate the need of many players, a need to get answers to questions that other people find on their own I have decided to take few minutes of my time and go through those questions and provide those answers. All things I write here can be discovered in the game, but lazy people are lazy, and I have free time, so this article emerges.

Hungry-Shark-EvolutionCrowd Surfer mission for Megalodon is on the top of the questions asked about Hungry Shark Evolution. Many don’t know how to do it, and it is really simple, you just need to play and kill humans, and that mission will pop-ups completed once you kill 100 humans that are on land masses. Some find this hard because in reality there are no 100 humans at any given moment in the game on islands. So what, I say. Just kill them all and return to normal underwater hunting until they respawn. Once they do, go back and finish that mission. Simple isn’t it? As I have already mentioned all of these things can be discovered, if only you would spend time in the game rather than complaining on different forums.

Next answer is about a very stupid question people constantly ask. Many players are wondering where and how one can unlock and get Megalodon. Playing, people, by playing. How many times do I have to repeat those words. Stop spending time on forums asking stupid questions about a game and go play it. It is that simple. It doesn’t matter, I will explain how to get Megalodon. Remember, to unlock one shark you have to reach a level 10 with previous shark and get to the 100 percent of its bar. If you do that with Great White you will be able to spend 50 000 coins and unlock Megalodon. There, you have your answer.

Submarines are big problem for many, and their torpedos do sting. And guess what, the only way to destroy them is with frontal attack. You have to catch the right moment to do that, the moment they turn to you. You have to use boost to destroy them.

babysharkGetting baby sharks is somewhat hard. They are found in the accessory part of the game and to get them in the list you will have to pay, and pay gems. Well, buying baby shark is done by coins, but all of the others can be bought by gems, and by gems only. Their cost is the half-cost of their playable kind. If you want to get more gems and coins consider using Hungry Shark evolution hack no download.

Many wonder is there an easy way to amass gems and coins. Well you can cheat and ruin your game experience or you can get a middle range shark with upgraded characteristics and go after humans. It doenst matter which humans, but fishing boats give a lot of coins as well as paragliders. Then you can use Big Daddy and play your usual game with that shark.

Its Gold Rush and the ability to eat everything will help you earn both coins and gems without too much work.

Best chess applications for Android

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Best chess applications for Android

Chess has been played for centuries, and your parents or grandparents probably have a chess board somewhere in the house. There is not likely to be someone who has never heard of this game, and it is excellent for improving logical thinking and developing cognitive skills.

Today, children are more interested in smartphones and other similar devices than in “oldschool” games, but fortunately, just like there are apps for pretty much anything, there are also apps for playing chess.

Nowadays, by using a smartphone or a tablet you can easily find an opponent for yourself or help your child learn this incredible game. These are the best free chess apps for Android.

droidfish-chessDroidFish Chess

This is an app that has everything you need for a quality game of chess. It is great that DroidFish has many options that will enable the user to analyze the game, as well as to adjust the level of knowledge of the opponent, to set a game for two players, to change themes and the like. As for the graphics and the user interface, it is not that is satisfactory, but for the oldschool chess players it is pretty irrelevant. After all, it has a very high rating on Google Play Store, which means that it satisfies the needs of chess players around the world.

Learn Chess

This is not really a game as much it is a manual with the rules of chess, given in another very high-rated application. It is ideal for those who do not know how to play chess yet, or know only some basic rules. It is a great application for beginners or for children who are still learning the rules. This application will prepare you for real chess and also teach you some pretty clever moves.

Within this app, there is a multitude of different content that includes text, video clips and sets of moves which will help you not only learn the basics, but also improve your game.


lichessThis is a chess game that focuses on online playing between real people rather than playing against device. For now, this game has a base of over 50,000 users, and it is constantly growing. Each user of this application will be able to simultaneously play on several boards, to chat with an opponent, and much more. This software supports over 80 languages ​​and several types of figures. This app is highly recommended to passionate players who play chess every day.

Chess by Mastersoft

This is a fairly recent chess app that can be found on the Google Play store. A system used by this game scored remarkable results at the world competition of micro-computers used for chess. This app offers you have several training phases, 100 different levels and ELO evaluation. This game can be played online with live opponents, but also offline against device.

All of these apps are completely free, which means that they do not require any payment for downloading or any in-app purchases. There are better, neater-looking chess apps, but they all cost money.

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